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Sarah-Deanna-Supermodel-you-LAMODELSName: Sarah DeAnna

Hometown: Jefferson, Oregon

What is your sign? LEO

Favorite Color: I love all colors: green, yellow, red, orange, brown, pink… Colors have meanings and I really love what they represent. The color white is probably one of my favorites because I love what white stands for. White is the color without color and it’s composed of a mixture of all the beautiful colors and frequencies in the visible spectrum of light. In many cultures white represents purity, innocence and light and is associated with perfection, the good, honesty, and class. I admire all these qualities and therefore really love white. My car is white. My walls are white. My bedding is white. And I love to wear white.

How long have you been represented by L.A. Models?  I’ve been modeling for almost 10 years now in New York, Milan, Paris, and all over, so when I decided to make LA my home base, I also made LA Models my home. I’m grateful, happy and proud to say that I am represented by LA Models across the board: Runway, Print and Talent. I love being an “LA model” represented by LA Models!

Tell us about your experience with the agency. LA Models is amazing! Some of our agents are honestly like my family! Everyone is so supportive and really cares about you not just as a model but also as a human being. I’ve been at other agencies where you don’t feel that way at all. But that’s the personal side. As an agency, and as a company, they are honestly the most professional I’ve ever had too. Modeling is a tough business on it’s own and I’m happy that I can count on my agency both professionally and personally. I am also very grateful that they support and encourage me in my other ventures outside of modeling.

How did you get into modeling? I tell the whole story in my book, Supermodel You, but the short version is that I came to Los Angeles to attend UCLA and was discovered at a Starbucks on Melrose Avenue. But trust me, convincing that very insecure girl from a small town in Oregon that she could be a model wasn’t that easy.

Describe your style. My style? Hmmm… this is actually a sensitive subject for me. When I first started modeling and shooting for major magazine’s one of the stylists called my agency and said, “We really love Sarah DeAnna but she seriously has no style!” The next day my agency in NY sat me down and told me that I can NOT wear all matching everything (I would seriously match everything by color or print from my hairband to my socks.) and that I should probably stick to white and black and get rid of all my baby pink and baby blue clothes. I was shocked! Coming from a small town in Oregon, I so thought that was style. Today I would say that I’m still learning how to style myself. I don’t wear as many pastels and baby colors as I used to but I still love to match. I also wouldn’t say that I have one kind of style because I like to wear different styles depending on my mood or what I’m doing. My style also changes by season and even by city. I like to match them too! 🙂

Top 5 turn ons?

1) Brains. I love intelligent people who know how to share their wisdom. You can be a genius but if you don’t know how to share your genius what’s the point?

2) Confidence. I love people with confidence (not to be confused with arrogance). Humility is everything!

3) Passion. People with passion for something are always the most attractive.

4) Raw. I love raw everything! Raw food (especially chocolate) and raw people (aka real people; authentic people)! Although I’m totally down for aliens too.

5) Challenge. Anytime something or someone can challenge me cerebrally, physically or even on a spiritual level, I am intrigued.

Pet peeves? Judgement. Hatred. Animosity. Mercilessness. Indifference. All things that are the opposite of compassion. Nobody is perfect. Everybody makes mistakes or does things that others might not like or approve of but it doesn’t give anyone the right to judge them or act out against them in any way or form. I constantly challenge myself to seek and promote compassion over everything else. This is important in all areas of life, but especially in a business like fashion and modeling, where we are constantly being judged and picked apart.

Your biggest insecurity ? Wow! I have a lot! On one-hand, I am insecure about my background, my family, my teeth, my looks, and so much more, but at the same time these are all my strengths. Today I find myself insecure with being misunderstood. I know my intentions and what’s in my heart and I know that it is all good and positive but others don’t always perceive you the way you would like them to. Anytime you do anything in life, you are bound to be misunderstood. But don’t let that stop you from doing something that you are passionate about.

What is your most memorable job to date ? I have been so blessed and have had so many amazing jobs and memories to pick just one: I walked in a Christian Dior show in Kyoto in the historic Kiyomizo temple in Tokyo, shot a fashion story in the middle of the Sahara Desert, and have had so many awesome, weird, and even horrible job experiences to have one be the most memorable. I am grateful for them all. Even for the terrible and embarrassing ones. Like the time I fell twice opening a Chanel show all while wearing flats.

What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you on a job? I think weird in modeling is never weird. It’s normal. Weird and crazy things are expected in this industry and I think it actually keeps it fresh. As I mentioned before, it was really weird that I fell in that Chanel show because I was wearing flats. And I didn’t fall once. I fell twice in the same spot. Like there was a force that pulled me to the ground and it wasn’t gravity. How did I handle it? Well I was the show opener and the show had to go on, so I pulled my pride and myself together and opened that show with a bang! Literally!

What do you like to do when you are not modeling? I am a gym rat! The gym is my happy place so I am often at Equinox or some yoga studio or doing some other kind of athletic activity like hiking or playing beach volleyball. I’m passionate about moving my body and staying active. Generally I’m passionate about anything related to health and fitness, which is why I wrote my book. I spend countless hours geeking out on the latest health technologies, supplements, and other things related to superior human health and performance. I also coach/train other models and individuals, do speaking engagements, and challenge myself daily to be better than I was yesterday.

I see you are a published best selling author of the book,  “Supermodel You“…(and thank you for crediting LA Models in your book)… Tell us about the book and why you decided to write it. Supermodel You, was a labor of love. As I’ve mentioned a few times already I am crazy passionate about health and fitness. Modeling, as most people know, doesn’t have the “healthiest” reputation. I was determined to change that. I wanted to show people and other models too, that you did not have to have an eating disorder, use drugs, or do other unhealthy things to be healthy and be able to maintain the body type and size most common in the fashion industry. There is immense pressure on models to be a certain size and have certain measurements and Supermodel You is the healthy way to maintain your body and looks that works for everyone; not just models. I worked with several models, with the National Eating Disorder Association and with so many doctors and scientists to write a book that was scientifically sound and yet still fun to read. The model interviews and contributions were invaluable and many of the models mentioned in the book are also represented by LA Models.

Fashion Week… as being seasoned as you are on the runway, any advice to the new girls walking this season? I realize New York Fashion week has passed and it’s now in London and will go to Milan and Paris after, but it’s never too late to give advice. I recently did a Vogue interview because I was the girl who opened Alexander Wang’s first show and Janelle Okwodu, from Vogue, asked me the same question more less in regard to what advice I would give to new girls. See the interview for that advice. Fashion week is very very challenging. You go to hundreds of casting and sometimes don’t even book a single show. Basically that was my 1st show season experience and it really tore me down. I pretty much decided after that, that I did not want to model and kind of quit. But eventually I was convinced to give modeling another try and I’m glad I did. The show season is something you need to prepare for: physically, mentally and emotionally. I was thrown into my first show season completely unprepared. I seriously did not even know how to walk. When you prepare/train properly, it can be amazing, fun, and exhilarating.

Finish this line. In 20 years I see myself… in many ways the same and in many ways better. I am committed to endlessly pursuing the healthiest, happiest, and best ways to live life. The future is extremely exciting. I’m interested to see how we improve health, aging, living and simply being in the future. I’m a futurist in many ways, so I’m anxiously awaiting to see time catch up with the way I would like to live life and see others living life.



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